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Jim Magary

007: Founder/CEO Boomient Consulting

Jim Magary’s Chapter 2 career was born out of love, necessity and a desire to learn something different. Learn how following a girl led to him creating a successful business in Boston and a life he loves.

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Andrea Ferenchik:


Meet Andrea Ferenchik: Photographer and founder and CEO of The Big Girl School. Learn what prompted Andrea to quit her BIG career at Microsoft and follow her passion and ultimately build her dream business.


Ken Taylor:

005: Finding Your Why

Knowing WHY you are doing something is smart and practical. Finding your why is important because it provides meaning to what you are doing and it will help you endure when you are tempted to quit.


Ken taylor:

004: What is Your Calling?

Are you on the wrong path? Are you searching for meaning and purpose in your work and life? Do you want to live your very best life? It's time to trust your inner calling. And it’s easier than you think. 

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wayne hauenstein:

003: principal at learning curve consultants

The focus of Learning Curve Consultants® is to partner with organizations to understand business needs and identify ways to make skill set development and improvement a part of their fabric.

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Dr. Jeannine Jannot:

002: Founder of The Balanced Student

Jeannine Jannot is the owner of The Balanced Student whose mission is to help middle school, high school and collage age students increase academic productivity, with an emphasis on physical and mental wellness.


Ken taylor:

001: founder/ceo of entrepreneuring school

Ken spent twenty years in corporate America before becoming an entrepreneur. He understands the challenges and satisfaction of transitioning from being an employee to becoming the owner.